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Race Car Electronics & Components

The electronic components in your race car are almost as important as what's under the hood, and Behrent's Performance Warehouse carries everything you need for superior communication with your chief and crew. We carry racing radios, antennas, transponders, receivers, helmet microphones, radio boxes, and headsets to keep your lines of communication clear and open on race day. Racing helmet microphones and radios simplify communication at the track so you'll know what's going on up ahead, what's happening in the rear, and when you need to come in for a pit stop. Find antennas and receivers for a clear radio signal all around no matter where you are on the track, pit, or garage. Use a racing transponder to keep track of your speed and lap times. And don't forget the batteries to keep all of the electronic devices for your race car up and running in crucial moments. Get your race car communication systems ready for the track when you shop the electronics and components at Behrent's.
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What is a race radio?
A race radio is a two-way unit programmed to one or more specific frequencies used for drivers and pit crews to communicate during a race. You must purchase a license for radio frequencies in the geographical area where you will be racing. Race radios come pre-programmed or you can purchase them blank and have them programmed after purchase.

What does a transponder do for racing?
A racing transponder measures your lap times around the track, right down to the precious millisecond. It is crucial to know your lap times so your team can adjust your car before, or during, a race to give you the best possible track position.

What does a radio box do?
A radio box holds your race car radio securely in place while driving. Most radio boxes come with hook and loop straps to hold the unit in place and feature internal padding to prevent damage to your racing radio.