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Race Car Filters

If you need air, fuel, oil, or another type of filter for your race car, you'll find it at Behrent's Performance Warehouse. We carry filters that defend your race car engine, oil tank, and fuel system from particles, contaminants, dirt, and debris that can crush your performance and efficiency on the track. These racing filters help maintain the flow of air, gas, and oil as they travel throughout your race car systems and give you an added layer of protection from damage. Find heavy-duty air filters, cleaners, breathers, and exhaust systems from top brands you can trust, including Holley, Fram, and Wix. Explore Behrent's for the racing filters your car needs to keep your systems in top shape for optimal track performance.
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What does a race car fuel filter do?
A fuel filter helps keep sediment, contaminants, and other impurities out of the fuel system of your race car where they can clog the injectors and reduce power and fuel efficiency.

What is a pre-filter air filter?
A pre-filter air filter adds an extra layer of protection to your engine; it catches larger particles of debris—from mud to sand granules—before they hit your air filter where the smaller contaminants are captured.

What is a car breather?
A breather is a pipe with an attached filter. It is used to vent air pressure out of an engine for better compression and horsepower. Many breathers include some type of filter to catch any oil blow-by that can occur as the vented air passes out of the crankcase.