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Race Car Plumbing Parts

Keep your race car engine in top condition with plumbing systems from Behrent's Performance Warehouse. Find fittings, hoses, adapters, and plumbing parts for fuel and oil lines, carburetors, and other essential engine assemblies so you get the most out of every lap. We carry race car plumbing components from the top names in racing, including Moroso, Holley, Simpson, Wilwood, and Winters, so you can find reliable parts that are tough enough to endure long days in the dirt or asphalt. Browse oil, fluid, and fuel line assemblies to find basic reinforced rubber hoses or lines developed for use under high-pressure conditions. Count on Behrent's to provide the fittings, hose ends, and adapters necessary to complete your race car plumbing assembly.
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What is the best material for a race car fuel line hose?
PTFE fuel line hoses work the best in high-performance and race cars. Other good materials for fuel line hoses include aluminum and nylon.

Do all hose fittings require a crimping tool for application?
No. Choose compression hose fittings and connectors to avoid crimping.

What does the AN mean in hoses and fittings?
AN stands for Army/Navy. It originated as a specification for military aircraft applications. AN fittings are designed to withstand the high pressures and extreme temperatures of track racing.