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Racing Brakes & Brake Parts

Racing brakes and brake parts keep your system running smoothly and provide quick, reliable stopping power in your race car. You can hit the track running and keep your foot to the floor, but you’ll need a solid set of racing brakes to enter the pit, slow down on a caution, navigate a tight corner, or avoid a wreck. Find racing brake lines, calipers, rotors, cylinders, mounts, and parts engineered for heavy use, light wear, or rough conditions on the track. Racing brakes and parts from top industry names including Winters, Earls, Bicknell, and BSC Components are sturdy, dependable, and made to support your every stop. Get the gear you need to stay safe on the race track no matter what comes your way when you shop the brakes and parts at Behrent’s.
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What’s the difference between race car brakes and street car brakes?
The main difference between race and street car brakes is the pads. Regular street car brake pads are metallic, ideal for daily driving. Race car brake pads are stronger, made in ceramic or carbon so they can withstand the high temperatures and braking loads on the track.

What is the best material for racing brake lines?
Stainless steel is the best material for racing brake lines in high-performance cars. Stainless steel racing brake lines are resistant to damage from road debris, tough enough to power through extreme conditions, and won’t rust.

What type of rotor is best for racing?
Slotted and drilled rotors are the best options for fast, heavy race cars. Opt for steel, ceramic, or carbon rotors for a high-performance or racing car.