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Racing Exhaust Systems & Parts

Upgrade your racing exhaust system or replace a handful of parts to improve your lap times on the track with the components available at Behrent's Performance Warehouse. You'll find the major parts for your racing exhaust system that help maximize fuel efficiency and increase performance, including mufflers, heat shield kits, headers, and tailpipes. Insulating tape keeps the heat inside your exhaust system for improved horsepower; secure your insulating wrap with snap strap kits made for easy use. While you're shopping, pick up all of the little parts and components that keep the exhaust system of your race car humming; there's an adapter plate, exhaust valve, band clamp, and tailpipe elbow for every need. Racing exhaust systems, mufflers, and car parts from the top brands, including Beyea, Schoenfeld, and Moroso, are tough enough to get you through the longest courses and the wildest tracks. Find components for your racing exhaust system—from the engine to the tailpipe—when you explore the parts available at Behrent’s.
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What is the function of a race car exhaust system?
The main function of a racing exhaust system is to transport waste gasses and toxic emissions away from your engine and the interior of your car. If there's a loose connection or leak in your exhaust system, it can flood the interior of your car with dangerous fumes, affect the performance of your race car, and limit power during acceleration.

What are the major components of a racing exhaust system?
The major components of a racing exhaust system include the exhaust manifold, oxygen sensors, catalytic converter, resonator, exhaust pipes, muffler, and tailpipe.

What does a race car exhaust muffler do?
It's the job of a car's exhaust muffler to dampen the sound created by pistons and valves firing in the engine. But a muffler also helps your car generate more power and improve fuel efficiency by assisting in the removal of exhaust gasses.