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Racing Fasteners

Racing fasteners, including nuts, bolts, pins, and studs, are designed to hold your race car together during long days and nights on the track. The engine, drive train, chassis, and exhaust system can only run properly if they’re held together with racing fasteners that keep things tight under extreme pressure. We offer nuts, bolts, pins, studs, and fasteners for a secure installation so your car can stand up to the rigors of racing and excessive wear that comes with heavy use. You’ll also find complete bolt, nut, and stud kits designed for the most important systems in your race car, including the timing, oil pump, manifold, fuel pump, and headers. Whether you need O-rings, spacers, or rivets, these racing fasteners come in a range of shapes and sizes so you can customize them to fit your race car. Don’t take a chance on household nuts and bolts from your local hardware store; get the racing fasteners you need to hold your race car together lap after lap when you shop the selection at Behrent’s.
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What comes in a racing bolt kit?
A standard racing bolt kit comes with screws, nuts, and washers in an assortment of sizes. Some bolt kits include both lock and flat washers.

What are racing studs used for?
Racing studs are used in the wheels of a race car. A racing stud mounts directly to the hub to make changing tires in a pit stop quicker—simply line up the studs on the hub with the wheel, tighten the lug nuts, and go.

What do wheel spacers do?
Wheel spacers are used to create a gap between the wheel and hub assembly. This added space helps with alignment, handling, and grip so your car runs tighter around corners and better on straightaways. Behrent's carries steel and aluminum wheel spacers in a range of sizes to enhance the performance of your race car.