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Racing Fuel Delivery Systems

Top-quality fuel delivery systems from Behrent's Performance Warehouse are engineered to perform in your race car when it matters the most. Find fuel pumps, fuel pressure regulators, filters, and parts for your car from favorite racing brands—including Holley, Aeromotive, and Edlebrock—that stand up to the rigorous pace of practice, qualifying, and race day. We also carry the little parts that keep your fuel delivery system racing at top speed including connectors, coils, gaskets, and hoses that secure and connect all of the components. Get consistent, enhanced fuel flow and superior pressure control for optimum performance at the track with these fuel delivery systems for your race car.
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What are the components in a race car fuel delivery system?
The fuel delivery system in a race car includes the components that get fuel to the engine. The main components are the fuel tank, fuel lines, fuel pump, fuel filters, fuel pressure regulator, and the fuel injection system.

What are the signs of a bad fuel pump?
Common signs of a bad fuel pump include engine sputtering, inconsistent acceleration, loss of power, decreased fuel efficiency, and an increase in engine temperature. Learn the warning signs of a faulty fuel pump so you can replace your unit before it ruins your race day.

Are carburetors still used in racing?
Though the top professional motorsports, including NASCAR and F1, have changed from carburetors to fuel injection systems, some custom-built race cars still use carburetors, as do classic show cars. Behrent's carries racing carburetors from Holley, Edelbrock, and other top brands that are easy to install, maintain, and adjust.