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Racing Gaskets & Seals

Racing gaskets and seals keep your engine, manifold, fuel system, header, and water pump tight and ready to perform when it matters the most. From replacement carburetor, manifold, and fuel cell gaskets to high-performance hub, valve stem, and bearing seals, Behrent's Performance Warehouse carries components to keep your car running at top speed on race day and beyond. Gaskets and seals from Holley, Mr. Gasket, Seals It, and other top brands are constructed in materials, shapes, and sizes that best fit in your race car and keep everything secure so you have the power you need to win. These racing gaskets and engine seals are prepared for rough conditions and high-heat applications that come with life on the track. Keep air, oil, fuel, and water from escaping your car when you choose durable racing gaskets and seals from Behrent’s.
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How often should you replace a head gasket?
A head gasket can last over 100,000 miles on a car that is maintained regularly, but a blown or damaged gasket should be replaced immediately. Common signs of a blown or damaged head gasket include engine overheating, frequent coolant loss with no sign of a leak, white smoke emitting from the tailpipe, loss of power, and milky discoloration in the oil. A head gasket is one of the most important seals in your race car, so fix a leak at the first sign of a problem to avoid costly repairs down the road.

What comes in an overhaul gasket kit?
An overhaul gasket kit contains all of the seals and gaskets necessary to rebuild a stock car engine. Though they may vary by manufacturer, most overhaul kits include head gaskets, oil pan seals, intake seals, timing covers and seals, valve covers and seals, fuel and water pump gaskets, and rear main seals.

What is a conical seal?
A conical seal is used to repair damaged hose ends and 37-degree AN fittings. Conical seals provide immediate repair and are ideal for use in the pits when you don't have time to find a replacement part for your race car. Behrent's carries conical seals in multi-packs of assorted sizes.