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Racing Gauges

Racing gauges oversee the most important systems of your race car, keeping track of oil, water, fuel, pressure, and temperature levels for top performance. The most commonly used race car gauges, including fuel and oil pressure, water and oil temperature, tachometer, boost, and pyrometer, let you know your car is within acceptable ranges during every race. We also carry gauges, lights, and warning systems to alert you to a problem right away so you can pull into the pit for a quick fix and prevent further engine damage. Built by AutoMeter, Longacre, AFCO, Holley, and other top brands in the racing business, these gauges are tough enough to handle the load and keep you informed of your car’s status minute-by-minute. Whether you need to replace a faulty gauge, or add a new one to your race car for peak performance, explore the options at Behrent’s to find exactly what you need to win.
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What gauges do you need in a race car?
Keep track of your vital statistics with fuel, temperature, pressure, and electrical gauges as well as much-needed speedometers and tachometers.

What are boost gauges for?
A boost gauge keeps track of the pressure in your turbo or supercharger. As you push the limits of your race car engine, the supercharger pushes the boost; too much boost can result in too much pressure that can lead to total engine failure. The boost gauge alerts you when it's time to back off or head to the pit for an adjustment.

What is a pyrometer gauge?
A pyrometer gauge monitors the heat of the exhaust fumes in an engine which can alert you if there’s a problem with air intake due to a blockage or engine overload. By using a pyrometer gauge to watch your engine exhaust, you can make necessary adjustments before it's too late.