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Racing Ignition Systems & Parts

Build your car's racing ignition system and optimize engine performance with the parts available at Behrent's Performance Warehouse. These ignition parts and systems are engineered for successful starts—and finishes. Find ignition controls, distributors, spark plugs, and trigger system components to support a racing ignition system designed for top performance under the harshest conditions on and off the track. We carry ignition systems and parts from the top names in racing, including Holley, MSD, and NGK so you know you're putting the best under your hood. Explore the racing ignition systems at Behrent's and find the parts you need to start your engine and keep it going strong to the checkered flag finish.
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What are the signs of a bad distributor cap?
The most common signs of a bad distributor cap include:

  • Trouble starting the car, especially in rainy, cold, or foggy weather.
  • Shaking or vibrations in the car while running.
  • Frequent stalling.
  • Squealing noises coming from the engine.

What does a crank trigger do?
A crank trigger gets the timing of the engine directly from the crankshaft instead of going through the distributor. A crank trigger provides the most accurate way to spark the ignition system in your race car for peak performance at high RPMs.

What is a wiring harness for a race car?
A wiring harness organizes and connects the wires, terminals, and cables used to carry power through the electrical system of a race car. With wires and cables neatly threaded together in a single unit, a wiring harness makes it easy to connect larger components of the ignition system.