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Racing Lubricants, Liquids & Adhesives

Racing lubricants, liquids, and adhesives from Behrent's Performance Warehouse are formulated to give your engine the lifeblood it needs for peak performance. Find steering and brake fluids, engine coolants, transmission fluid additives, fuel system cleaners, racing gear oil, tire traction treatments, and friction eliminators to bolster all of the intricate parts in your race car for a smooth, steady ride. Racing lubricants and liquids help increase engine efficiency and protect against wear—even while your engine is running in extreme conditions. Adhesives help keep your car and all of its components tightly sealed or marked during a race; from heavy-duty non-skid tape to fast-drying spray coating, we carry adhesives that can handle the heat and help you achieve optimal performance on the track. Racing oils and lubricants from the top brands, including Red Line, Driven, Royal Purple, and Pro-Blend, are created with peak efficiency in mind so your race car runs at its best when it matters the most. Search the racing lubricants, liquids, and adhesives at Behrent’s to find everything you need to keep all the systems in your race car primed and ready to go.

Do race cars need special kinds of engine lubricants?
Race cars do need engine lubricants formulated especially for high-performance vehicles. Racing engines must run at high RPMs for long periods of time under intense conditions and temperatures, so they require different blends than non-race vehicles. Behrent’s carries assorted engine lubricants made to support the components in your race car.

What does tire traction treatment do?
When applied to the tires of your race car, traction treatments increase grip for better control on the track. Tire traction treatment is ideal for slick tracks and works on dirt, asphalt, and pavement.