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Racing Oil Systems & Parts

Your engine build relies on an oil system that can handle the rigors of the track, and Behrent's Performance Warehouse offers the parts you need to power your race car through the extremes. Outfit your vehicle with an oil system ready to tackle the job, whether you race a wet or dry-sump system: explore pumps, filters, coolers, line kits, dipsticks, and oil system parts from top names in racing, including Moroso, Bicknell, Allstar, and Holley. Get your car ready for race day and beyond with the oil filters and systems available from Behrent's.
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What does an oil cooler do?
The purpose of an oil cooler is to maintain the temperature of the engine by removing excess heat from the oil. Oil coolers are ideal for high-performance racing engines.

What happens if an oil dipstick is missing?
If you lose the dipstick in your engine, excess oil can flow out of the tube and onto your engine. Behrent's carries oil dipsticks in assorted sizes and styles so you can get an accurate replacement quickly.

Does synthetic engine oil require a special filter?
No. You can use any type of oil filter with synthetic oil.