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Racing Switches & Alternators

Find racing switches and alternators tuned to your specific needs when you explore Behrent’s Performance Warehouse. We carry reliable alternators from top racing brands Jones and MSD that give you optimum power on the track. Accessories and hardware include pulleys, mounting brackets, and kits that support the alternator for maximum production. Explore switches for every need including brake, ignition, selector, and battery disconnect; find switch panels, toggles, and kits to complete the setup of your race car. Alternators, accessories, brackets, hardware, and switches from racing brands you know and trust keep your race car running from start to finish. Get the best performance on race day when you choose top-quality racing alternators and switches at Behrent's.
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Does an alternator increase horsepower?
An alternator doesn't increase horsepower, but if you run a custom-built street rod with an array of onboard electronics, you may need a high-output alternator to support the extras. Running those added electronics can draw more power from your alternator, making it wear out quicker. Consider an alternator with higher amps for maximum support.

Can a loose alternator bracket cause problems with my alternator?
A loose bracket can cause the alternator belt to loosen. A loose alternator belt can cause a build-up of heat and friction leading to a complete shutdown. Replace alternator brackets as soon as they show signs of wear, damage, or loosening.