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Racing Tools

Find just about every racing tool you need to repair, maintain, or update your race car when you shop the selection at Behrent’s Performance Warehouse. Stock your trailer, garage, and race bag with the racing tools geared for success at the track: alignment tools, compressors, lubricating grease, testing gauges, and rolls of gaffer tape are only the beginning of what we've got in our racing toolkit. Find racing gauges to check and test frame height, camber, tire pressure, and bump steer. Racing wrenches for every need include spindle, valve lash, hose end, spring rod, locknut, and double end. Crimp, engine, and tire mount tools round out your collection to ensure your car runs smoothly on race day. Keep your car in top-running order and ready to roll with the tools and gauges available from Behrent’s.
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What are the most important racing tools in the pit area?
Every race car pit should have, at the very least, the following essential tools on hand for quick stops or lengthy repairs:

  • Sockets (standard and metric)
  • Wrenches (AN, torque, and lug)
  • Pressure test gauges (tire, oil)
  • Racer tape
  • Crimp tools
  • Screwdriver set
  • Hammers (metal and rubber)
  • Pliers
  • Jack stands

What is the difference between a digital and analog tire pressure gauge?
There are several differences between an analog tire pressure gauge and a digital model.

Digital tire gauges use pressure transducers to display the reading on a screen. They are calibrated with software, making them very precise. Digital pressure gauges require a power source: batteries or solar-powered gauges are the most common.

Analog tire gauges feature a needle that points to the numbers on a scale to provide the pressure reading. They are inexpensive, easy to use, and don't require a power source. Analog tire pressure gauges must be recalibrated often for accuracy.