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Safety Equipment

Protect your team from head to toe with the auto racing safety equipment from Behrent's Performance Warehouse. We carry the safety gear you need to keep every member of your team safe and organized, from SFI-approved racing helmets, shields, fresh air systems, and accessories to the fire-retardant clothing and pit crew fire suits, aprons, and essentials. We also offer the race car safety equipment you need for your vehicle: Find sturdy harnesses, racing belts, and restraint systems to keep you protected and secure; padding and netting for safety without sacrificing driver comfort; and other essential gear like racing chutes. We carry the important safety equipment drivers need, including racing helmets, neck supports, high-quality racing suits, fire-resistant clothing, and chassis supports designed to meet stringent safety requirements for better protection. Shop top brands, including Simpson, Impact, HANS, K1 Race Gear, Bell, and G-Force, so you know you're getting the best racing accessories, safety equipment, and gear available.
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What safety gear should be worn while racing?
Fire suits, fire-retardant undergarments, gloves, and shoes, an approved racing helmet, and ear protection improve driver safety. Always refer to track and event requirements for conditions and specifications.

How often should racing safety equipment be replaced?
Racing equipment and gear should be replaced when damaged in use or storage, if it fails regular inspection, or if it has expired. Consult the manufacturer's instructions for specific expiration dates and requirements.